Learnership Management

Skills development has grown to be an essential element with a weighting of 20 BEE points.We offer you learnership programs which you may choose to support so that you can achieve your B-BBEE points and benefit from great income tax deductions. These learnerships are offered for employed as well as unemployed.
We have a department which is dedicated in the management of learnerships, that includes the administration of the learnership programs and best suited working experience
Assist with applications for learnerships
Assess and recruit learners
Learner and workplace induction

Learnerships support three elements on your scorecard

Enterprise Development

Skills Development

Socio Economic Development

Our Offering Includes

  • Administer all pay and benefits

  • Administer disciplinary and performance matters

  • Appoint and administer the training program provider

  • Schedule the training course modules

  • Systematize on-the-job experience and evaluation

  • Develop and submit all documents for the claiming of grants and conclusion of learnerships

  • Place the candidate, where permissible, within industry

Process to meet your BBBEE needs

  • Supply you with all the necessary documentation for SARS.

  • Register all the candidates with the relevant SETA’s.

  • Supply and pay for the facilitator of the learnership.

  • Supply all learning material notes, feedback reports, etc. (Students to provide own stationery and PPE).

  • Ensure that each candidate receives their NQF certificate upon completion.

  • Liaise with your verification agent to ensure all documents are in place and relevant.

  • We can recruit all candidates.

  • Organise the entire infrastructure of the learnership program.

  • Liaise with your PR department to send out the necessary press releases.


  • NC Manufacturing, Engineering & Related Activities [NQF 1]

  • NC Welding Application & Practice [NQF 2]

  • NC Welding Application & Practice [NQF 3]

  • FETC Welding Application & Practice [NQF 4]

  • NC Business Administration Services [NQF 3]

  • FETC Business Administration Services [NQF 4]

Other Seta programs will be considered, should there be sufficient demand.

Program Information

Duration: One Year

Costs: Contact us to discuss options

We will recruit candidates in the case of unemployed learners.

Tax Benefits

  • Stress-free payroll audit

  • We manage payroll personnel’s contractual obligations

  • Experience zero inhouse payroll costs.

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